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Laura McMahon is a writer, filmmaker and stand up.

She is a BAFTA Connect member and has worked with

BBC, Viacom and the Guardian as well as winning the Edinburgh TV Festival's New Talent Award.

She has performed for the London Literature Festival

at Royal Festival Hall, Completed a sold out run of her Edinburgh Fringe Show and performed across the UK as

well as directed Two 'Laugh Lessons' for BBC3. 

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From 2019- 2023 Laura has performed at the  Edinburgh Fringe. She also performed at Royal Festival Hall and Wiltons Music Hall/

Her 2021  show was a  sell out run of her Edinburgh show ' which went on to have a residency at Canal Cafe Theatre.

She also hosted a storytelling night called ' I  Probably Shouldn't Say This' at Crouch End Arthouse Cinema 

Laura gained her first finalist credit just six months into stand up as The Stand's New Act of the Year competition and has since worked with Soho Theatre on their Comedy Lab Plus Program.

She was semi-finalist in So You Think You're Funny a Finalist at The Stands New Comedian of the Year and  in 2020 she won South Kensington Comedy Club's 'Go New York' Stand Up competition which sent her to gig in New York.

Her 2019 Edinburgh show was selected for the Historical Preservation of the Fringe Archive's for the Museum of Scotland.

Laura is an excitingly fresh and talented comedian who is making a strong entrance onto the comedy circuit. She exude’s a level of confidence that puts the room at ease.


                                           @Radio Haha

  • Writer/ Performer 'One of the Gals' Sell out run Edinburgh Fringe 2021


  • Writer/ Performer ‘In Hindsight’ Edinburgh Fringe 2019

  • Writer/Performer ‘Acquaintances' Brighton Fringe 2019


Stand Up

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As a performer, she's a natural. Looking

around the crowd, they were hooked.


 Broadway Baby


As a case about a stolen fridge joke gets closer and closer to the UK High Courts, Laura McMahon decides to investigate joke theft and parallel thinking to see what the changes in the art form and changes in technology mean for the stand up circuit.

*This doc is currently in it's Festival run with Festival Formula. Due for online release after December.


Writing / Directing Reel


As a member of BAFTA crew and Connect member Laura has written and directed countless shorts including a pilot that was awarded the Edinburgh Tv Festival's New Talent Award and went on to be produced by Comedy Central and win a broadcast award.  She directed 2 Laugh Lessons for BBC3.  

She was also shortlisted for the Manchester Pilot Light Festival, Brighton Rocks festival and many others including BAFTA Qualifying London Short Film Festival and has been in the top 20 of the Funny Women Film Award 2018, 2019 and 2020.

For writing Laura has been on the commendation list for Sister Pictures and South of the River Pictures for her pilot script 'Mine's a Return Ticket so I'm Basically Fine.' 

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